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“110 years of future”


copertina libro 110

“This book seeks to share the path trodden in these past 110 years of dreams and passion, the history of its founders, and, through the history of the globe, it tracks the most important projects that have brought us to where we are today, and thanks to which we will continue to challenge history. It is a story we are proud to tell.

Salini Impregilo was founded in 1906, the result of the dream of a group of small builders, with its headquarters in Italy, and with a grand vision. To grow by building infrastructures that would last in time, symbolizing progress for generations to come, and impacting the development and the history of man: infrastructure.”

CEO, Pietro Salini


The Journey. The New Panama Canal



Salini Impregilo, on the occasion of the New Panama Canal inauguration, is publishing a book specifically dedicated to the Canal. The volume will narrate its history, it will speak of its international impact and of the great challenges that have been won to bring its expansion works to completion.
As the title states - “The Journey. The New Panama Canal” – the book is a journey through the Canal. It has been written using a story-telling style, and has been enriched with the declarations of politicians, journalists and world-famous writers.
By following the route of the first ship to sail across the New Canal, the book reconstructs the path that was created to build one of the largest and most complex engineering projects in the world. In doing so, it collects the impressions and declarations of the men who made all this possible.

Africa’s Giants


africa's giant

“Within the global economy, Africa has in recent years become the continent where the “desire for progress” is being translated into real action and tangible outcomes. It is the single most attractive area of the world for those who are working to achieve sustainable development, which combines entrepreneurial commitment, the potential of its people, and respect for the environment.
The Salini Impregilo Group finds itself in the front line of this process, armed with its long history of experience in major infrastructural works in the water sector.
The images brought together in this book provide a highly evocative confirmation of the strategic “value” of water, transformed by dams and hydroelectric plants into a source of life and progress.
Dams are not barriers, but links for civilisation in a value chain where water has supreme importance, venerated by all religions and all peoples who wish to come together to turn hope into reality….”

CEO, Pietro Salini


Over the Oceans - The New Panama Canal



The book Over the Oceans – The New Panama Canal presents the “Third Set of Locks”  project to expand the Panama Canal, together with an overview of the construction plan and a look back at the many pioneering spirits who set out to make this canal between the Atlantic and the Pacific side.

“Building the new Panama Canal represents perhaps the most exciting and technically challenging project imaginable for anyone who works in engineering and construction. Planning and executing a project like this gives every man and woman involved the chance to be a part of history, to do something great”.

Over the Oceans – The New Panama Canal


Dams of the World



The book Dams of the World, recently published by Salini Impregilo in collaboration with Rizzoli, showcases a selection of the Group’s 230 dams and hydroelectric plants built in more than 50 countries.

It is prefaced by the writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, describing the value of water as the source of life and civilization.

The book focuses on those infrastructures designed and built by Salini Impregilo in four different continents (Africa, America Asia and Europe), with the greatest significance in terms of socio-economic development for their host countries and populations.

Its success inspired us to develop an app, a true multimedia journey where photos and videos enhance the journey of discovery of the group’s major dams.

Dams of the World acts as a testament to Salini Impregilo’s leadership in the construction of major infrastructures.

Courage to share


courage to share thumb

"The creation of the Salini Impregilo Group is not just a financial transaction. The complex integration process that has involved both companies and their shareholders over many months was based on the conviction that by creating a National Champion in the global construction sector, Italy would be able to field an organisation able to position itself alongside major competitors, both at home and abroad.

This conviction fuelled a truly energetic approach that led to the integration of the broad range of cultures and experiences of the thousands of employees around the world who are passionate about creating ambitious, enterprising projects."

CEO, Pietro Salini