Salini Impregilo is proud to help victims of the 24 August earthquakes

Milan, 03 February 2017



The Salini Impregilo Group plans to make a concrete contribution as demonstration of its solidarity with the people of Central Italy who were victim to the earthquakes that hit the area on 24 August 2016 by donating a school to the affected region.

Salini Impregilo has been in contact with the Italian Civil Protection Department for some time and recently participated in site inspections to determine the ideal location for the project. The Group was joined by functionaries of DI.COMA.C (Civil Protection Directorate) and MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), as well as members of the Genio Civile dell’Esercito (Military Civil Engineering) and the local municipalities. Government Commissioner Giuseppe Ranieri was also present.

The structure will occupy a total area of over 500 square metres and will be able to accommodate about 100 children in its ten classrooms designated for pre-school, elementary and secondary school. Salini Impregilo will bear all of the costs of construction.


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