Sustainability Report

Through our Sustainability Report we aim to communicate how we operate and build shared value for our stakeholders, through the results achieved in the reporting period and our goals for the future, combining ethical principles with sustainable development and the intelligent use of resources and offering our stakeholders a continuous and transparent tool for comparing our performance.

We have been among the first construction companies in the world to produce a Sustainability Report that adopts the new guidelines issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4), the most advanced international reporting framework currently available.

The Report 2015 has been prepared in accordance with the "Comprehensive" option of the GRI, ensuring a full disclosure of all our material aspects, and is externally assured by an independent audit company.

In addition, the Report contains references to the ten principles of the Global Compact, showing the actions and systems implemented by the Group in order to integrate these principles into the corporate strategy and day-to-day activities of the Company.

Interactive, offering a more intuitive and immediate consultation with quick access to information, the Sustainability Report 2015 is fully drawn up on a digital platform. The Report consist of four main thematic areas: solidity, excellence, transparency and respect, with a special section dedicated to case histories: sustainability best practices adopted by the Group around the world.

Last update: 08/07/2016