The Board of Director of Impregilo named Pietro Salini Chief Executive Officer






Milan, 18 July 2012 - The Board of Directors of Impregilo, which met today under the chairmanship of Claudio Costamagna, named Pietro Salini Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

The Board found that the requisites of independence with regard to the Consolidated Law on Financial Intermediation as well as the Italian Code of Self Discipline of Listed Companies have been met by the following Directors: Marina Brogi, Giuseppina Capaldo, Mario Giuseppe Cattaneo, Laura Cioli, Alberto Giovannini, Pietro Guindani, Geert Linnebank, Laudomia Pucci and Giorgio Rossi Cairo.

The Board defined the composition of its own internal Committees as follows:

  • Executive Committee: Pietro Salini (Chairman), Claudio Costamagna, Laura Cioli, Massimo Ferrari, Claudio Lautizi.
  • Internal Audit and Risk Committee: Mario Giuseppe Cattaneo (Chairman), Alberto Giovannini,  Pietro Guindani.
  • Remuneration and Nomination Committee:  Marina Brogi (Chairperson),  Geert Linnebank, Laudomia Pucci.
  • Committee for Related Party Transactions: Alberto Giovannini (Chairman), Marina Brogi, Giuseppina Capaldo, Geert Linnebank.

The Board also decided the institution of a Corporate Governance Advisory Board – to include, as a minimum, the Director elected from the Minorities list and external experts – with the task of analyzing the existing corporate governance structure and, at the end of such analysis, propose to the Board the modifications to be adopted regarding corporate governance, with specific reference to the protection necessary to raise the representation of minorities in line with international best practice.

The curricula vitae of the new members of the Board are available on the corporate website of the Company, in the Governance section

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