24/12/2013Press release
20/12/2013Salini Impregilo awarded works for a part of Abu Dhabi–Dubai highway total worth €168 mln
19/12/2013The Salini Impregilo Group will build the road connection between the A14 Motorway and the port of Ancona, Italy
18/12/2013Salini Impregilo enters the Australian market winning the Sydney “Skytrain contract” worth $340 aud million
05/12/2013Registration of the deed of merger by incorporation of Salini S.p.A. into Impregilo S.p.A. in the Companies Register
26/11/2013Deed of merger by incorporation of Salini S.p.A. into Impregilo S.p.A. signed
20/11/2013Impregilo sells, as per industrial plan, its 50% of Shanghai Pucheng for approximately €65 million
15/11/2013Optimization of Salini's Financial Structure completed ahead of the merger with Impregilo
12/11/2013Impregilo Board of Directors approves 30 september 2013 results
07/11/2013Fisia Babcock Environment is awarded the contract for the supply of the core technical equipment process for two new waste to energy plants in China
10/10/2013The Salini Impregilo Group has finalised an agreement with the Maire Tecnimont Group for the acquisition of a stake of approximately 40% in the Copenhagen metro project
20/09/2013Transaction finalised for acquisition of a further 10% stake in the high-speed Milan-Genoa project. Salini Impregilo group holds 64% of the COCIV Consortium for the Terzo Valico Ferroviario dei Giovi, a €4.6 billion project
12/09/2013Salini Impregilo launches its web presence new site now online
12/09/2013Shareholders approve the merger by incorporation of Salini into Impregilo
12/08/2013Salini Impregilo Group to Construct First Section Of Libyan Coastal Motorway for a total value Of €963 Million
05/08/2013The Board of Directors of Impregilo approves the consolidated results at 30 june 2013
29/07/2013Salini Impregilo in association with Ansaldo STS, a Finmeccanica company, and other partners, wins the engineering and execution of the Riyadh underground line 3 project. Total value: circa $6 bln
24/07/2013Salini Spa successfully concludes €400 million 5 year 6.125% bond placement with international institutional investors
18/07/2013Salini S.p.A presents to the financial community a bond for institutional investors
15/07/2013The Salini Impregilo Group wins new projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa for a total value of about € 770 mln
30/06/2013Merger by incorporation of Salini into Impregilo. Merger Plan Available
24/06/2013A National Champion in the large infrastructure sector created in only 3 months after the public tender offer for Impregilo
17/06/2013Impregilo acquires an additional 10% of high speed Milan-Genoa project and 40% of Copenhagen underground project from Maire Tecnimont group for a total value of €40 million
07/06/2013Press release
29/05/2013Export banca: € 100 million for Salini's international development
28/05/2013Salini S.p.a. board of directors met yesterday: approved consolidated financial results & draft parent company financial statements at 31 december 2012
17/05/2013€1.7 billion maxi-project in Qatar for Impregilo (Salini Group)
17/05/2013Salini S.p.a. to restore a float sufficient to ensure regular trading of Impregilo shares in the light of the positive results of its the tender offer
13/05/2013Good start for team Salini Circolo Canottieri Aniene at italian olympic week on Lake Garda
02/05/2013Communication as per Article 41, para. 2.C of Consob Regulation n. 11971 of 1999
30/04/2013Final Results of the Tender Offer on Impregilo
24/04/2013Preliminary results of the re-opening of the tender offer
17/04/2013The Circolo Canottieri Aniene and the Salini Group introduce the team for the 2016 Rio Janeiro Olympics
12/04/2013Successful Salini S.p.a.’s voluntary public tender offer for all outstanding ordinary shares of Impregilo S.p.a. not owner by Salini
02/04/2013Voluntary public tender offer launched by Salini over all the ordinary shares of Impregilo.
English courtesy translation of the Offer Document made available by Salini
02/04/2013From Africa to South America: two new projects for the Salini Group
16/03/2013Monday 18 march: Public Tender Offer for Salini to purchase Impregilo shares
15/03/2013Salini: the Client issues a new award in relation to A1 Highway works in Poland
13/03/2013CONSOB approva il Documento di Offerta relativo all’offerta pubblica di acquisto volontaria promossa da Salini S.p.A. sulla totalità delle azioni ordinarie di Impregilo S.p.A. non detenute dall’Offerente
26/02/2013The Board of Directors of Salini S.p.A. examines the Group's preliminary consolidated results at 31 December 2012
26/02/2013Voluntary public tender offer promoted by Salini S.p.A. on all Impregilo S.p.A. ordinary shares
22/02/2013Italian Antitrust Authority authorises the Salini tender offer on Impregilo
06/02/2013Voluntary public tender offer promoted by Salini S.p.A. pertaining to all outstanding shares of common stock of Impregilo S.p.A.
01/02/2013Salini Group wins trio of contracts in Eastern Europe with an overall stake worth approximately €410 million
26/01/2013Court of Milan rejects IGLI’s latest action aimed at overturning the results of the Impregilo shareholders’ meeting of 17/7/2012
02/01/2013Salini in joint venture with Impregilo is awarded an important contract in Panama