Competence Development

Working at Salini Impregilo means having the possibility of cultivating and constantly increasing one's skills, by following a career path that is consistent with one’s skills and expectations. Our professional development paths are personalised to allow individuals to be advocates for their own development in order to reach new ambitious targets and follow a distinctive growth path.

The Group, from professionally developing roles with a high technical specialisation to ones with growing managerial responsibilities, envisages growth paths that consider one's seniority, and which are in line with the individual's characteristics and potential.

Junior Profiles

The development process reserved for junior profiles begins during the on-boarding phase. It is articulated according to different variegated paths, like our Build-Up programme, developed for our "Tomorrow's Builders" or our Master's in International Construction Management.

Our Build Up programme is a recruiting programme that aimsat promoting new graduates' knowledge of our organisation and their learning. Among our development programmes addressed to our junior profiles, we offer internal knowledge sharing programmes, just like our ICM Master lessons, which are made available on a dedicated e-learning platform.

Professional tutoring activities are also carried out through internship projects for students, new high-school graduates and university graduates in Engineering and Economics.

Senior Profiles

Our development process aimed at more-experienced profiles offers the possibility to consolidate and increase one's technical and managerial skills, to implement large infrastructure projects.

One of our main development and growth tools is represented by our job rotation programme within the Group's main project worksites, both in Italy and abroad: it is an experience that promotes our international culture and offers a professional and personal growth opportunity.

Senior profiles possessing key knowledge of our business act as internal tutors, mentors and trainers, therefore promoting training and learning activities to less-experienced profiles.
International mobility represents a personal and professional development lever for the Group.




Salini Impregilo believes in young talents and plans for its own future by investing in their present. Through meaningful learning experiences within its organisation, the Group provides support to those who are approaching the world of work for the first time.


Build Up is a career path that favours the induction of young engineers within our Company. It speeds up their learning process, in terms of knowledge of our organisation and in professional terms.


We believe in training young talents: tomorrow's professionals who will make up our Group's strength, and for this reason, in collaboration with prestigious universities, we promote specialised programs that are connected to the key activities of our business.

Last update: 27/08/2018