Growing at the worksite

Working on our projects means contributing  to the implementation of unique works: infrastructures that offer the highest level of Engineering. It is through these infrastructures that an increasing number of countries seek to grow and develop.

To participate in the construction of one of our projects  represents a possibility for personal and professional growth. It is a chance to work with the best professionals of our sector, an opportunity for broadening one's way of thinking and for working in a strong cosmopolitan environment.

Our career paths include different roles with different responsibilities. To grow professionally while working in one of the Group's large projects means to undertake a specialised and managerial development path that could lead to one of the following roles:


The Project Manager is the project's representative and the person who mainly deals with the Client for the Group. He/she must guarantee that the project's expected technical, economic and financial targets are met and optimised.

Operationally speaking, the Procurement Manager is the person responsible for planning and managing the project's procurement process, by operating in coordination with the central Procurement Manager and in full compliance with the Group's procedures..

The Contract Manager is responsible for correctly managing contracts with the Client and subcontractors; he/she carries out detailed analyses to identify opportunities and/or issues for the project’s safeguard.

The Worksite Manager is responsible for managing the project's technical and construction activities, in line with contractual specifications, drawings, workplans and budgets; He/she guarantees to supervise and manage the works, materials and plants and every related maintenance activity.

The person responsible for carrying out the works envisaged by the contract, in terms of operation effectiveness and efficiency of the resources that are made available according to operational programmes.

The person responsible for correctly managing the technical aspects of the project by preparing, organising and managing the project’s technical documentation that is necessary to carry out the works (drawings, “Method Statements”, etc.). He/she coordinates the activities of the technical department, of eventual external design firms and labs, guaranteeing technical support to all production sectors.

The Plant Manager is responsible for managing worksite workshops (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.) and fixed plants (milling, concrete mixing, bitumen packaging, iron works, etc.).

The AFC Manager is responsible for managing all administration matters of the project related with accounting and finance, working in coordination with the AFC central structures and by fully abiding by current regulations and the Group’s guidelines and procedures.

The QHSE Manager is responsible for guaranteeing that the QHSE terms of the contract and the related reference regulations are met, and that the organization correctly implements the operational procedures set within the QHSE Plan.

Last update: 06/07/2018