Salini Impregilo believes that its business activities must grow through its people: through their technical, managerial and organisational excellence. And through the young talents that it attracts.

Enhancing and promoting internal skills is the mainstream of our company's development and training policy. We created specific initiatives like our internal Academy (which trains and develops our Group's resources) and our Academy's e-learning platform, to promote learning, and to strengthen and share what has been learned. Our digital platform consists in a life-long learning system that focuses on the continuous development of internal skills. It is a digital learning and knowledge-sharing hub, which can be accessed by each Group employee.


Learning Academy

Our Learning Academy is the internal training and development academy of every Salini Impregilo employee. It promotes a training model and system capable of promoting our company's know-how, while boosting learning and sharing useful information.

The Academy's programmes and initiatives contribute to our people's professional specialisation and managerial growth, by also promoting the development of their key competencies.

The Salini Impregilo Learning Academy, was established in 2015 to promote a new training model that would strengthen the existing skills and expertise and transmit these throughout the organization. "Academy" trains colleagues who are experts of specific topics ("subject matter experts") through our "Train the Trainers" programme. Through workshops and ad hoc programmes these people will finally become our internal trainers, promoting and sharing our internal corporate knowledge. Our objective is to create an internal teaching pool (Faculty), with a common teaching method and style.

The main training programmes provided in the year covered induction courses on internal policies and procedures for new employees, courses on companies’ administrative liability (Legislative decree no. 231/2001) and anti-corruption, health and safety, languages, the digitalisation of systems and processes, technical expertise and economic-financial issues. The Company also strengthened its E-learningAcademy, the Group’s international training hub launched in 2016 as a platform to share technical and specialist know-how through e-learning courses. During 2017, the “In aula con i nostri esperti” e-learning programme was revised to include webinars and video testimonials of the main experts of the materials presented during the course.

Last update: 06/07/2018