Code of Ethics

Salini Impregilo’s Code of Ethics is a tool designed to safeguard, guarantee and protect the Group’s assets and reputation. Updated in 2017, It is founded upon specific social responsibilities and commitments, which in line with the highest possible ethical standards, allow the company to pursue its missions and objectives, while defending its position as an ethical and socially responsible Group.  

The Code of Ethics sets out the principles and rules of conduct that people who work for or with Salini Impregilo are required to adhere to during their everyday work. The Code applies to the directors, statutory auditors, managers and employees of Salini Impregilo as well as all those parties that directly or indirectly, temporarily or on an ongoing basis, work with the Company, to the extent of their duties and responsibilities.

They are required to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the various geographical areas in which the Company operates and to base their conduct on that set out in the Code.

The Code of Ethics has three sections:

  • Ethical principles: the reference principles to which Salini Impregilo employees are required to adhere: integrity, honesty, reliability and sustainability.
  • Rules of conduct: the practical implementation of the ethical principles incumbent on all parties required to comply with the Code; the rules of conduct set out in the Code cover all the non-financial aspects dealt with in this Statement.
  • Application and compliance: the internal procedures used to monitor application of the Code and the communication systems available to the parties required to comply with the Code.

Salini Impregilo, in addition to the abovementioned principles, and in order to promote sustainable development, supports the United Nations Global Compact, the worldwide initiative that promotes a sustainable global economy, by respecting human rights and work, environmental protection and fight against corruption. Each year, through the publication of the Sustainability Report, Salini Impregilo presents and illustrates the actions and the systems used to integrate the ten principles of the Global Compact in the Company’s strategy and in its daily activities.

The Code of Ethics represents not only a reference point and a guide for persons working for Salini Impregilo, but also a tool which the Company aims at constantly sharing with all its stakeholders (employers, partners, suppliers, consultants), requesting full compliance with the rules contained therein.

All contracts with third parties include specific clauses obliging compliance with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics and those included in the Anti-Corruption Model. Salini Impregilo expects the persons with whom it engages business and professional relations to behave fairly, diligently and in compliance with applicable law, paying particular attention to regulations and best practices regarding ethics, occupational health and safety, protection of the environment and protection of intellectual property, industry and commerce.
The Code of Ethics is effective in all of Salini Impregilo’s work sites, both in Italy and abroad, fully respecting the different cultural, political, social, economic and commercial realities present in the countries in which the Group operates.


Code of Ethics
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Last update: 03/07/2018