Corporate Governance Report

Salini Impregilo corporate governance system is a key tool for achieving an efficient management of the Group, while providing an effective system to monitor the Company’s activities, consistent with the objectives of creating value for the shareholders and protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

Salini Impregilo chose to adopt a governance system inspired by the principles of integrity and transparency, consistent with statutory requirements and the relevant Consob regulations, and in line with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. The upgrades made to the Group’s governance in recent months are indicative of the commitment of the new Board of Directors to bring the Group in line with best international practices.

A clear sign of this commitment is provided by the composition of the new Board of Directors, whose non-executive independent member represent 80% of the total and more than 25% of Directors are women.


Report on Corporate Governance and the Ownership Structure
2018 Remuneration Report
Performance Share Plan 2015 – 2017

Last update: 14/05/2018