Integrity Board

In compliance with article 6, paragraph 1, letter b of Italian Law 231/01, a specific corporate body (the Integrity Board) has been set up to continuously monitor the Company’s effective application and observance of Model 231 of the Company, including updating it by proposing modifications and/or additions in the event they are necessary in keeping with the Law.

All members of the Integrity Board meet the necessary requirements of integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence, and perform the functions they are assigned, guaranteeing the necessary continuity of action.

The Integrity Board is collegial, and composed of three members designated as follows:

  • Two external members, selected from among experts and professionals in the sector;
  • One internal member (the Company’s Chief Internal Auditor).

Members of the Integrity Board are nominated by the Company’s Board of Directors through measures that recognize the existence of the requisite integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence.

In order to guarantee full autonomy and independence, the Integrity Board is appointed for a three-year term, to be completed regardless of whether the Board of Directors that nominated its members should finish its mandate or be dissolved prematurely.


Salini Impregilo’s current
Ugo Lecis President
Giacomo Marazzi Acting Member (Independent Director)
Francesco Albieri Acting Member (Chief Internal Auditor, Salini Impregilo)

Last update: 18/09/2015