Internal Dealing

Regulations and Adoption

Effective April 1, 2006, the rules governing internal dealing—i.e., the transparency of transactions involving shares of listed companies and related financial instruments executed by corporate officers of the companies in question or parties closely related to them—underwent a radical change due to the adoption of the E.U. regulation on market abuse, incorporated into the 2004 “European Community Law” (Law No. 62 of April 18, 2005, which amended the provisions of Article 114 of the Unified Financial Law), and to the enactment of the secondary regulations published by the Consob (as set forth in Articles from 152-sexies to 152-octies and in Annex 6 to the Issuers’ Regulations).

To that effect, the Company adopted a special “Internal Dealing Code of Conduct” by which it defined operating modalities to ensure the prompt communication to the market of buy and/or sales transactions, in excess of a predetermined amount, involving Salini Impregilo shares or related financial instruments executed by corporate officers of the Company or parties closely related to them.

In compliance with the Code, the following are deemed as Relevant Persons:


  • Pietro Salini
  • Nicola Greco
  • Marina Brogi
  • Giuseppina Capaldo
  • Mario Giuseppe Cattaneo
  • Roberto Cera
  • Raffaella Leone
  • Geert Linnebank
  • Giacomo Marazzi
  • Ferdinando Parente
  • Franco Passacantando
  • Laudomia Pucci
  • Grazia Volo
  • Alessandro Salini
  • Alessandro Trotter
  • Teresa Cristiana Naddeo
  • Massimo Ferrari
  • Massimo Ferrari
  • Claudio Lautizi
  • Michele Longo
  • Alessandro De Rosa
  • Gian Luca Grondona
  • Joseph Attias
Internal dealing: code of conduct

Last update: 26/04/2019