Participation at the Shareholders' Meetings

Each common share conveys the right to cast one vote. Each voting right holder who is entitled to attend the Shareholders' Meeting may elect to be represented, by means of a written proxy, by another party pursuant to law. The Chairman of the Shareholders' Meeting is responsible for verifying the validity of the proxies and the right of the attendees to participate in the Shareholders' Meeting.

Attending Shareholders' Meeting

In addition to the parties who are entitled to participate pursuant to law and the Bylaws, financial analysts, journalists and representatives of the Independent Auditors may also attend Shareholders' Meetings, provided they furnish personal identification and inform the Chairman of the Meeting of their presence through the door staff.
In addition, Company employees and employees of Group companies whose presence is deemed useful by the Chairman of the Meeting with regard to the items on the Agenda or for the Meeting's progress may attend the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Chairman may also request the support of other parties invited to attend the Meeting specifically for this purpose.

Procedures for the attendance of shareholders at shareholders' meetings and for exercise of voting rights

Last update: 14/02/2014