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08/07/2019 17:22

Salini Impregilo ready for opportunities along new silk road

Salini Impregilo is ready to seize opportunities offered by China’s Belt and Road Initiative – also known as the New Silk Road - that has seen massive investments in infrastructure to improve transport and commercial links between the European Union and Asia.

25/06/2019 16:10

Pietro Salini: Genoa, State and business together to unite and help Italy grow

The laying of the foundation of this new bridge over the Polcevera River is a milestone for such a strategic project for Genoa and the country,” says Pietro Salini, Chief Executive of Salini Impregilo. “This is a project that not only aims to help bring a city closer to the region but also looks to the future of Italy, showing how this collaboration between the state and the best of the country’s companies can bring the country together and help make it grow again.

21/06/2019 10:00

Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T): expanding eastwards

The European Union plans to expand beyond its eastern border its ambitious TEN-T initiative – in which Salini Impregilo is a participant - with major investments in roads, rail and other transport infrastructure in Ukraine and five other neighbouring countries known as the Eastern Partners, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

18/06/2019 13:23

Salini: infrastructure for Genoa’s sustainable rebirth

Public works like the new bridge and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi high-speed, high-capacity rail line in which Salini Impregilo is helping build have come to represent Genoa’s rebirth. They show how such works, built in a safe and efficient manner, can contribute to the port city’s sustainable development, providing jobs and support for the economy.
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Last update: 11/10/2019