Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, RCC placement world record

January 21, 2015 - World record in placing RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in Ethiopia, that between 27th -28th December, 2014 reached the maximum continuous production of 23,200 m3 in 24 h.
Out of 10,200,000 m3, that is the total volume of the dam, 2,250,000 m3 have been already placed, of which 1,985,000 m3 in 2014.
The hydroelectric project is located approximately 700 km north west of Addis Abeba. The works entail the design and construction of a 170 m high Roller Compacted Concrete dam (RCC), a powerhouse with 16 Francis turbines, having a total installed power of 6,000 MW and a nominal energy output of 15,000 GWh per year. The project also includes a saddle dam (CFRD) whose volume is 16,000,000 m3, an external spillway and 140 km transmission line.
It is among the largest RCC dams in the world for sustainable development. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, will have the largest volume of RCC worldwide and Gibe III, another RCC dam currently under construction by our Group, will be 246m high.
These two projects represent the government of Ethiopia’s current commitment in terms of sustainable development for the country based on clean renewable energy.



January 21, 2015
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: RCC placement world record
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