Latest generation of Tomorrow’s Builders completes Master’s programme offered by Salini Impregilo and Politecnico di Milano

MILAN, September 27, 2019 – Students from around the world are set to complete the third edition of the Master’s in International Construction Management offered by Salini Impregilo and the Politecnico di Milano university. A total of 15 aspiring young talents from the 2018/2019 academic year defended their theses after months of study and training with some of the Group’s best managers and experts.

The Master’s programme reflects Salini Impregilo’s trust in today’s youth to help it respond to the challenges that it will face in pursuing infrastructure projects throughout the world. In fact, the average age of 45% of its workforce is under 35 years. As for the latest batch of Tomorrow’s Builders completing the Master’s 40% of them are women, while 27% come from outside Italy, such as Turkey and countries in South America and Africa. The investment that the Group is making on youth is bound to rise under Progetto Italia, an industrial operation it is pursuing to consolidate the infrastructure sector in Italy, making the most of the excellences found therein to compete for contracts in global markets.

The Master’s is tailored for university graduates in Civil, Mechanical, Environmental and Territorial Engineering, Building Systems Engineering, Structural Engineering and Architecture, Structural Engineering, Management Engineering and similar fields. The programme is designed to teach them the managerial and field processes of public works in an international context. Since the first edition of the Master’s was launched in 2016, there have been about 90,000 hours of training. Some 29% of the students that have taken part have come from outside Italy, while about 29% of them have been women, a growing presence in the programme.

Also this year, Salini Impregilo was confirmed for the third year in a row to be among the “Best Employer of Choice” among university graduates in engineering and related fields in Italy, confirming its standing as one of the best places to work in the country.




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