Pietro Salini: Genoa, State and business together to unite and help Italy grow


GENOA, June 25, 2019 – “The laying of the foundation of this new bridge over the Polcevera River is a milestone for such a strategic project for Genoa and the country,” says Pietro Salini, Chief Executive of Salini Impregilo. “This is a project that not only aims to help bring a city closer to the region but also looks to the future of Italy, showing how this collaboration between the state and the best of the country’s companies can bring the country together and help make it grow again.”

“The state has in these companies a precious ally: competent, modern and interested in the well-being of the country and its economy,” adds Salini. “It is from this alliance between institutions and productive forces that Italy can start again. The construction of the bridge demonstrates how this country can and must start again with infrastructure projects to start to grow again and create jobs, returning to the region a central role both socially and economically. We are working with Fincantieri every day to keep our promise and ensure that this bridge is built in record time with the best technology and know-how that can put to the service of a beautiful bridge in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. The new bridge will contribute to getting Genoa up and running again and strengthen its role as an important European hub at the centre of international trade, improving links with France, the port and the surrounding area. Together with the rail link and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi, this bridge will contribute to accelerate the growth of the city as a hub for the transport of people and merchandise. Today more than any other day shows how our work is important because Genoa will become an example of what can and must be done to jump-start the country. Today, we celebrate not only the reconstruction of a piece of infrastructure but also the strength of a city that in record time was able to start work on an ambitious project in defiance of all the preconceived notions that accompany the planification of a public work of this kind, putting together the know-how and good will of public institutions and private business.”  


A Bridge for Genoa


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