Progetto Italia: a Message from Pietro Salini to everyone in Salini Impregilo

Progetto Italia. A name that you have often read and heard about in the media, as well as on our communication channels, recently. Now, finally, I can openly talk about this industrial operation and give you a first-hand account of what is happening to our company.

These past months have been very important for our Group, both from a corporate and a business development perspective. Due to the crisis that is impacting our sector in Italy we decided to engage in a dialogue with all concerned - companies, banks and institutions - to give birth to what I personally believe to be a dream: a national construction hub with global ambitions, uniting different competences thereby enabling it to compete with international players.

Our company has developed incredibly during these last 10 years, despite the crisis that hit our domestic market. Our capacity to look towards distant - but safer - and profitable markets, as well as our tenacity and skills, allowed us to excel, even if we were put to the test by some of the most challenging projects in the world. We looked for the best opportunities abroad, embracing a multi-domestic approach, making use of the skills of people of 100 different nationalities.

We went a long way to do this without forgetting Italy as our home country where the company was founded, and where there's still a market with great potential, which we firmly believe must be brought  back to life. A market with €36 billion worth of public works halted, impacting on 30,000 people, for whom we also wish to do our part.

Progetto Italia began as an industrial project with the ambition of creating an even larger international group, capable of competing with the largest global players of our sector, and also capable of presenting itself on the market, by 2021, with €14 billion in revenues and €62 billion in backlog. Just 10 years ago, this was a dream. Today, we are working hard to make it a reality, to propel our Group into a new global scenario, creating value, for our company, but also for Italy as a nation.

Intense, complex and challenging months lie ahead of us. Months of hard work and significant changes. Months during which everyone's contribution will be fundamental to build together something we will be proud of, a dream come true. It represents a further step in our growth process, growth for a company, like ours, that has always shown that courage, skill and passion can go a long way.

I can assure you that I will continue to safeguard our Group's stability and growth, so that the new entity, that will have a new name, will be able to represent the values and experience that Salini Impregilo has consolidated in Italy and in every country where it works. I am fully aware of the commitment that each one of you puts into every activity daily. I am equally aware of the great passion and sense of  responsibility that unites us all. For this reason, I am confident that I will be able to continue to rely on each one of you in order to meet this new important challenge.


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