Salini: infrastructure for Genoa’s sustainable rebirth

MILAN, June 18, 2019 – Public works like the new bridge and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi high-speed, high-capacity rail line in which Salini Impregilo is helping build have come to represent Genoa’s rebirth. They show how such works, built in a safe and efficient manner, can contribute to the port city’s sustainable development, providing jobs and support for the economy.

“Contributing to sustainable development means having a long-term vision and, in the infrastructure sector, this approach is not only desired but necessary,” said Pietro Salini, Chief Executive of Salini Impregilo, at the symposium “Sviluppo sostenibile, economia circolare, infrastrutture e tutela del territorio” organised by the Fondazione Sorella Natura in Genoa. Also in attendance were Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci, Liguria President Giovanni Toti and the chairman and chief executive of PERGENOVA, Alberto Maestrini and Nicola Meistro, respectively.

“We are bringing to life a great industrial project on a national scale that looks at the future of the country and tries to save jobs, strengthen investments in health, safety and apprenticeships, and consolidate the development of our sector. It is the same thing that we are doing in Genoa, with public works that aim at guaranteeing the future of its role as a great European port and commercial hub,” said Salini. The Terzo Valico dei Giovi is essential for the area, one of the projects of sustainable mobility that belongs to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) that is linking railway networks across Europe. “Genoa is once again a beacon for the country because it shows how, if one believes it and is ready to work with others, everything is possible. The priority is job creation.” The construction of the bridge over the Polcevera River and the rail line towards Milan is creating jobs for about 6,000 people, a number that could arrive to 7,000, supporting more than 25,000 people when considering the family members of the workers.

Sustainable development is one of the ideas being embraced by Progetto Italia (Project Italy), the industrial operation launched by Salini Impregilo to create, according to principles of social and environmental sustainability, a big, competitive player in Italy and abroad that would create jobs all along the supply and production chain comprised of small businesses.



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