The U.S. needs its own Marshall Plan

November 11, 2015


Salini Impregilo’s magazine “We Build Value” Interviews Economist Allen Sinai

November 11, 2015 - “A Marshall Plan for the United States of America.” Sixty years after the launch of the great investment plan that helped Europe recover from the Second World War, U.S. economist Allen Sinai calls for a massive intervention in his country’s infrastructure. And he makes this call in an interview with “We Build Value” (, the online magazine of Salini Impregilo Group.

The influential economist, who served as an adviser to the U.S. Federal Reserve and former Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton before becoming head of the New York think tank Decision Economics, says the United States needs $3.6 trillion of investment in infrastructure in the coming years. 

To reach this objective, Sinai sees funding coming not only from the public sector but also the private sector such as companies, pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds.

“In America (they) have $30 trillion to put to work and they are often looking for valid investments,” he says. 

In his interview with “We Build Value”, the head of Decision Economics also gives his view of the U.S. economy, which he considers to be in a phase of stable growth. 

“So, in America, the so-called ‘fundamentals’ of the economy are healthy. Even industrial production is running at acceptable levels and the low cost of energy has set off a new industrial revolution. However violent it was, I don’t think the Chinese shock can stop all of this”.  



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