Work on Terzo Valico renews: 600 new jobs, 5,000 at full rhythm

Milan, December 20, 2018

Milan, December 20, 2018 – Work has resumed at the Terzo Valico dei Giovi high-speed railway project as Lot 5 becomes the next section to come on line, leading to the creation of 600 jobs in the coming months. The latest hiring brings the total number of workers – both direct and indirect – at Consorzio Collegamenti Integrati Veloci (COCIV), the consortium responsible for the project, to 2,500 this year. The number is expected to rise to 4,000 in 2019, 4,400 in 2020 and 5,000 in 2021.

Italy’s leading financial institutions support the completion of the project and the resulting creation of jobs.

With the aim of helping start a positive economic cycle in Liguria and Piemonte - the two regions where the railway will pass - COCIV, which has Salini Impregilo as leader, set about hiring 300 people in either region soon after the infrastructure minister’s announcement that the result of the cost-benefit analysis of the project was positive. The hiring confirms the consortium’s commitment to provide job stability for the people already working on the project and to increase their numbers, both directly and indirectly. Marco Rettighieri has been named president of COCIV.

This big railway infrastructure represents a great opportunity to develop the two regions. It will facilitate the passage of goods and people at speeds of up to 250 kilometres an hour, creating not only employment during its construction but also, once completed, fostering trade with northern Europe.

Once it is up and running, the railway will connect Genoa with Milan in 50 minutes against the current one hour and 39 minutes. It will also facilitate travel between Genoa and Venice in three hours and five minutes. The infrastructure will connect with rail lines between Turin and Milan, representing a strategic link between the ports of Liguria and Upper Tyrrhenia, northern Italy and Central and Northern Europe (Rotterdam and Antwerp).

The Terzo Valico is a top project for the European Union for the completion of the Trans-European Network (TEN-T), the high-speed railway network that will link strategic hubs across the continent. The Terzo Valico dei Giovi fits along the Rhine-Alp corridor that will link Rotterdam with Genoa, or the North Sea with the Mediterranean.

In addition to the construction of the railway, the project foresees the construction of four interconnections along a 14-kilometre stretch at Voltri, Genova Parco Campasso, Novi Liguri and Tortona, allowing for the line to connect with existing ones.


Terzo Valico dei Giovi - High speed, high-capacity railway line section

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