Record-high turnout of 22,000 visitors for Salini Impregilo infrastructure exhibition entitled Beyond

Milan, November 7, 2016

Salini Impregilo received 22,000 visitors for “Beyond: Delivering the Future for the Past 110 Years”, the exhibition it organized at the Triennale di Milano between September 27 and November 6. It was the first time that infrastructure was presented in such an innovative way, garnering an enthusiastic response from visitors, whose numbers grew by simple word of mouth.

The multimedia and multisensory exhibition, which ended yesterday, invited visitors to immerse themselves in public works built during the course of more than a century on every continent through photography, video, sounds and evocative odors. Through eight rooms, visitors embarked on a journey through the new Panama Canal, atop the big dams of China, Ethiopia, Argentina, Colombia and Pakistan, inside cultural centres in Rome and Athens, across roads and bridges that make up the spine of countries like the United States, and inside the metros of Paris, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco and Riyadh.

The exhibition introduced the public to the world of infrastructure by using a completely new language, following the example of big events whose impression on the visitor remains long after they have ended. It did more than simply inform like so many other corporate exhibitions, but surprise and even move. “Beyond” received engineers, architects, university students, families and school children. There were also 400 guided tours with a combined total of 5,000 visitors whose journey can be repeated virtually at Salini Impregilo’s website.

“A piece of Italy in the world that makes one proud.” “An absolutely unique exhibition where technological interaction transforms a simple visit into a unique experience.” These are some of the comments made by visitors.

The public works on display not only speak of the experience of Salini Impregilo, which celebrates 110 years since its foundation, but the development of nations thanks to dams that supply electricity, trains and metros that reduce air pollution and buildings whose beauty and grandeur evoke the challenges that lie ahead.



110 Years of Building Global Infrastructure





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