Salini Impregilo files complaint with authorities regarding news about Progetto Italia

ROME, May 2, 2019

ROME, May 2, 2019 – Salini Impregilo has filed a complaint with the relevant authorities about a sentence published in an article by an Italian newspaper on May 1, 2019 about how Progetto Italia (Project Italy) needs “fresh capital estimated at 800-1,000 million”. The information is wrong, completely groundless and does not come from Salini Impregilo.

The news, which concerns Progetto Italia, a plan to consolidate the construction sector in Italy, is completely misleading, was never examined by the company and is senseless and unrealistic. The company has never taken into consideration a capital increase for such an amount for Progetto Italia.

Salini Impregilo warns against the publication of information that is not true and that does not come from the company, given the distortive effects it risks having on the market and the negative impact it could have on the share price.

Salini Impregilo will continue to protect its shareholders and stakeholders involved in the plan against false and misleading information before the relevant authorities, and it could seek damages caused by its improper distribution.

Salini Impregilo will announce to the market any information related to Progetto Italia within the time limits set by current regulation.


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