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Italia A1 VarianteValico 1


A1 Motorway - Valico Bypass

This project is a part of the larger project being constructed by Autostrade per l'Italia, consisting of the upgrading of the A1 Motorway by constructing the Valico Bypass on the 62.5 km Apennine section between Sasso Marconi and Barberino...
Passante Autostradale


A4 Motorway - Mestre Bypass: Motorway Bypass

The main objectives of the work are: the creation of an alternative motorway road system to the Mestre ring road; the separation of the traffic flows passing through from those of the Mestre Venice urban system; reorganisation of the motorway...
italia Diga Acerenza 1


Acerenza Dam

Earthfill dam with impervious core and upstream and down stream embankments of rock fill. Between the core and the embankments there is a transition upstream zone and double layer filters on the downstream. The loose material cofferdam is part of...
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