Kovo office complex

Name of Project:
Kovo office complex

Czech Republic

Kovo Import-Export Organization, Prague

Construction period:
1976 - 1977

The Kovo office complex is located on the banks of the Moldava River, near the intersection of the Liben bridge and Jankovcova street, in one of the typical industrial areas of the city of Prague and located between the river port and the rail link.

The Kovo complex consists of a central tower emerging from a large lower block of a three-storey building.
The Kovo central tower is about 70 m high.
The block covers the entire area of the complex, filling the main square.
The total volume of the complex is about 135,000 m³, which provides jobs for more than 1,200 people.
The offices are mainly located in the Kovo tower, with an entire floor set aside for management, while the lower portion contains the company cafeteria, a 200-seat conference hall and rooms to accommodate visitors, customers and suppliers. The computer and printer rooms are located in a separate block.
The ground floor contains the mechanical installations (air conditioning and electrical and plumbing facilities), records, storage, and the main warehouse. A fully-automated master control station together with an electronic control unit make it possible to oversee proper operation of the various facilities and the security of the complex as a whole.


Total surface area: 32,000 m2
Total volume of the complex: 135,000 m3


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