Motokov office complex

Name of Project:
Motokov office complex

Czech Republic

Motokov Import-Export Oganization, Prague

Construction period:
November 1975 – November 1977

The Motokov office complex is located in the new "Town Square" of Praga, in the area established by the new UHAM 1974 urban development program. It is situated in the south-east part of the square and can be reached by foot from the south, while from the north it can be reached from Na Pankraci Street, where the new metro station is located.

Various levels have been designed outside the complex to emphasize the separation between pedestrian and road traffic. Apart from the parking area on the 1st floor, which is linked to the outside by means of ramps and overpasses, there are pedestrian routes all around the complex, which are linked by two elevators on the main entrance level.

The tower dominates a large suspended area surrounded by blocks containing the reception rooms separated by large clear partition walls that look onto the entrance hall and cafeteria. From the two-colour square people can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire complex and, in the future, the entire shopping center. Vast greenery areas and a series of sculptures complement the complex's architecture.

The complex, with a surface area of 54,000 m² and a volume of 195,000 m³, consists of two different sections: the first tower-shaped section rises to 103 meters above the ground, while the second section with its rectangular platform extends horizontally, splitting into the various blocks.

Most of the offices are located in the tower. The offices radiate out from the main area which is equipped with eight high-speed elevators (one service lift for bulky items), plus access staircases, and two areas for utilities and records.

At both ends of the complex, there are two emergency fire staircases and a fixed utility host.

Two of the floors in the tower, the 3rd and 26th floors, are set aside for the various mechanical facilities and can be seen through openings in the north, east, and west facades of the tower.

Two of the five basement floors are under ground and are intended for mechanical facilities, storage, and underground parking. The ground floor, along with the first basement floor, covers the entire area and contains the main kitchen, a large shopping area, and the power transformer station in a protruding portion of the complex.

The 1st floor is part of the main floor and is "L"- shaped around a large raised area used as a parking lot for management and foreign visitor vehicles.

The two wide pedestrian staircases lead to the square, from which the main reception hall is entered, and from which the public can reach the tower's elevators, the reception and meeting rooms, the main conference room, and finally the shopping area and employee dining areas.

Lastly, the second floor, which only covers a small portion of the basement, is a dedicated a dining room for official delegations.


Total surface area: 54,000 m2
Total volume of the complex: 135,000 m2


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