Abu Hamour Hydraulic Project

Name of Project:
Abu Hamour Hydraulic Project


ASHGHAL - Public Works Authority

Total value:
€ 112 million

The project involves the construction of a main water collection tunnel 9.5 km long and with an excavation diameter of 4.5 metres, as well as the construction of 24 access shafts.

The tunnel is excavated using two Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM).

The project is part of the country's effort to improve Doha's infrastructure. It is the main contract completed in recent years as Qatar looks to modernize its system that drains and collects rainwater and underground water.

The tunnel, by connecting to the existing system, will drain an area of approximately 170 m2. It links to a single pumping station with a 19 m3/sec capacity built to eliminate the dozens of pumping stations located in various city locations and to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Moreover, Abu Hamour is Qatar's first major underground tunnel.

Accolades - ENR Global Best Project 2017

Main Tunnel: 9,359 m
Branches with microtunnelling and pipe jacking: 937 m
Main shafts: 18

Secondary shafts for microtunnelling inspection: 6 

Underground tunnel excavation: 150,000 m3
Microtunnelling excavation: 2,360 m3
Main and secondary shaft excavation: 45,770 m3
Miscellaneous excavation: 6,500 m3
Prefabricated segments: 50,435 
Concrete: 55,045 m3
Steel reinforcement: 7,500 tonnes

Last update: 21/05/2019