Dams, hydroelectric plants



Piedra del Aguila hydroelectric plant

The hydroelectric plant is located on the river Limay, between Neuquén and Rio Negro provinces, approximately 25 km from the village of Piedra del Aguila, 250 km from the town of Neuquén and 1200 km from the capital Buenos Aires....

Argentina, Paraguay

Yacyretà hydroelectric project

The main works of the Yacyretá project are located on the Paraná River, some 80 km downstream from the cities of Encarnación and Posadas.


Gaborone Dam

Gaborone Dam Botswana Water Utilities Corporation Dams


Ponte de Pedra hydroelectric plant

The project is located on the Rio Correntes, straddling two states, Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, in the Sonora and Itiquira regions in the most notorious swampy region of the Pantanal, at the confluence with the Rio Paraná. The...
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