El Quimbo hydroelectric plant

Name of Project:

El Quimbo hydroelectric plant



Total value:
€344 million, share €241 million

The El Quimbo powerhouse, located in the District of Huila on the Magdalena River, will have an installed capacity of 400 megawatts with average energy production estimated at 2,216 GWh per year, using two vertical axis turbines and a tank with a storage volume of 1,824 hm³.

The project involves the construction of a main dam in loose materials with a concrete surface (CFRD) 150 m high and 635 m long, with the spillway located on the left side of the dam body, controlled by four sluices and with a “trampoline” drainage channel for energy dissipation.

The project comprises also a secondary dam 66 m high and 410 m long.

More than 2,300 people worked on the maxi hydroelectric project that was completed on time to meet the contractual deadline. Among other things, they built four tunnels 10 metres in diameter and 400 metres long each, excavated 5 million cubic metres, filled in 13 million cubic metres and built concrete works totalling 250 thousand cubic metres. Some of the most advanced solutions to protect the environment and to redevelop an area of large agricultural development were implemented at the plant. 

Open excavations:  2,915,071 m3
Underground excavations: 459,609 m3
Shotcrete: 12,619 m3
Concrete: 207,200 m3
Steel reinforcement: 15,198,321 tons
Anchorage: 407,628 t-m
Dam embankments: 11,239,567 m3

Last update: 28/05/2019