Esna hydroelectric plant

Name of Project:

Esna hydroelectric plant


Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources - Reservoir and Grand Barrages Sector

Construction period:
1989 – 1994

The basic objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • ensure better control and use of irrigation water;
  • cope with the lowering level of the river expected in the future;
  • generate electricity using the available drop;
  • allow for better navigation conditions by building a lock with a greater vessel capacity than the existing one;
  • build an alternative route on the top of the dam to connect the two banks.

Civil engineering portion

A concrete power plant to accommodate six 15-MW bulb-type turbines.
A concrete spillway with 11 openings, suitable for 12-m radial gates, possibility of closing with planks and capable of discharging a total flow rate of 7000 m³/sec.
A concrete navigation lock 160 m long, 17 m wide, and a minimum depth of 3 m.
A closure dam made of fill material.
Channels, buildings, roads, and ancillary works.
Project Management Camp.
Waterproofing works (permanent diaphragm more than one kilometer long and about 40 meters deep).
Temporary diversion works: cofferdams to dry the concrete works area; temporary diaphragm about 2 km long and 40 m deep; dewatering.
Works and infrastructure for construction: facilities, quarries, camps, and services for expatriate and local staff.

Electromechanical portion:

90 MW electric power plant including:
6 15-MW Kaplan horizontal turbines, three blades, rotating diameter 6.25 m,
nominal drop 5.7 m.
6 15-MW generators, 11 KV, power factor 0.85, brushless excitation.
Control equipment, low- and medium-voltage equipment, 60/30/30 MVA transformers, aerial lines.
Step-up substation to 132 KV with aerial power transmission line.
Auxiliary systems, such as compressed air, water treatment, drainage, fire protection, air conditioning and ventilation, etc.
2 90-t gantry cranes.
2 15-t cranes.
11 radial spillway gates (12 x 12.9 m).
6 mobile gates for maintenance.
2 mitering gates for the navigation channel.
1 drawbridge, 17 m long, 12 m wide.

Earth excavation: 2,100,000 m3
Dredging: 2,980,000 m3
Quarry excavation: 2,000,000 m3
Rock embankments and protection: 910,000 m3
Plastic and bentonite diaphragms: 101,000 m2
Concrete: 290,000 m3
Formwork: 198,000 m²
Reinforced concrete iron: 23,500 t.


Last update: 18/09/2013