Kapichira hydroelectric plant

Name of Project:

Kapichira hydroelectric plant


ESCOM - Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi

Construction period:
October 1996 - February 2000

The hydroelectric plant, which is part of the "Malawi Power V" project, is located on the left bank of the Shire River at the Kapichira Rapids in the southern part of Malawi, about 70 km south of Blantyre.
The purpose of the contract was construction of the primary civil engineering works described below.
A dam consisting of an earth and rock embankment 830 m long, with a maximum height of 30 m at the foundation. The volume of the dam is of 626,228 m³ of material.
A concrete spillway with five openings controlled by sluice gates (each 15.24 m wide and 13.50 m high); discharge capacity of 8,750 m³ per second.
Concrete-lined intake structure and pressure tunnel, 550 m long and 8.80 m in diameter.
Reinforced underground penstock, 77 m long and 7.80 m in diameter.
Open power plant (86 m long, 25 m wide, and 44 m high) in which four 33-MW Francis turbines have been housed, two of which will be installed in the second phase.
The total volume of concrete for construction of the plant was of 20,000 m³.
Concrete-lined underground expansion chamber, 20 m high and 25 m in diameter.
Open discharge channel, 320 m long and 15 m wide.
Construction of an electrical substation.

Excavation: 838,658 m3
Embankments: 982,469 m3
Surface concrete: 108,000 m3
Underground excavation: 51,541 m3
Penstocks and shoring: 628 t.

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