Kossou Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Bandama River

Name of Project:
Kossou Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Bandama River

Ivory Coast

Bandama Valley Development District (A.V.B.) - Abidjan

Construction period:
1969 - 1973

The Kossou hydroelectric power plant, located about 16 km upstream of the confluence of the White Bandama River with the Marahoué River and 300 km from Abidjan, was the first phase of the exploitation of the Bandama River, both in terms of the production of electrical power and because it made it possible to build an irrigation system for an area of approximately 47,000 hectares.
The plant, which is one of the key economic developments of the Ivory Coast, consists of a rockfill dam with an impermeable core and filters, an open power plant, three tunnel penstocks, intake structures, surface spillway, and various ancillary works.
The dam has a crest length of 1,500 m and has a maximum height of 57 m. The elevation at the crest is 209 m above sea level. Its width at the base is 235 m, while the total volume is 5.4 million cubic meters of embankment, of which 1.6 in the core and 0.5 in the filters.
The reservoir created by the dam, with a maximum length of 180 km and a maximum width of 45 km, has a volume of 30 billion cubic meters.
The concrete spillway is of the ski-jump type and has its threshold at an elevation of 196 m above sea level.
It is equipped with three radial control gates measuring 10 x 10.30 m, which can discharge a maximum flow of 2,300 m3/sec.
The intake works consist of three independent and equal concrete cage structures which support the vertical gates and grates which protect them. From here, three concrete-lined, steel-reinforced headrace tunnels with a diameter ranging from 6.30 to 7 m and a length of from 116 to 125 m, depart.
Three 60-MW turbine-generator units are installed in the plant, which is located on the left bank.

Required surface excavation: 5,900,000 m³
Underground excavation: 21,000 m³
Total embankment volume: 5,400,000 m³
Total volume of concrete: 66,000 m³



Last update: 24/09/2014