Ridracoli Dam

Name of Project:
Ridracoli Dam


Consorzio Acque per le Province di Forlì e Ravenna

The Ridracoli dam is located in the Bidente river valley and, when it was built in 1975, constituted a key structure in the Romagna Aqueduct. It was built to supply potable water first to 26 and then to 43 municipalities in the Forlì and Ravenna provinces.

The dam is formed by a structure with a double curvature of the maximum height of 103 m and a crest length of 432 m, 25 m at the base and 6.62 m at the crest level.

The properties of the structure’s foundation rock required extremely detailed geological and geothermal studies to be conducted, in addition to the use of extreme caution and protective measures during construction. In the end, the structure (completed in 1982) produced a reservoir containing a volume of 33,000,000 m3.



Reservoir volume: 33,000,000 m3
Reservoir surface area: 1,035,000 m2
Direct drainage basin: 37,000 m2
Concrete: 670,000 m3




Last update: 01/12/2014