San Lorenzo Hydroelectric Plant

Name of Project:
San Lorenzo Hydroelectric Plant

El Salvador

Comisión Ejecutiva Hidroeléctrica del Rio Lempa

Construction period:
1978 – 1984

The hydroelectric plant is located in the lower part of the Lempa River about 50 km from its mouth in the provinces of Usulutàn and San Vicente, and serves as an electrical power plant with a limited catchment area, as regulated upstream by other plants in operation.
The 35 km2 watershed extends for about 39 km.
The increased electrical power provided by this 180-MW plant raised the installed power of the CEL to 635,500 kW, enough to cover current energy needs.

The plant includes:

A rockfill dam:
47 meters high
crest length 650 m
width at the base 520 meters
volume 3,350,000 m3

length 128 m
8 openings measuring 12.2 x 16 m with radial doors

Power plant:
with incorporate intake structure measuring 92 x 62 m
2 Kaplan turbines
2 vertical axis generators
installed power 180 MW

The plant also includes the employee village, located on the right bank, consisting of 24 housing units, a workshop, stores, and the substation with power lines.

Excavation: 4,100,000 m³
Dam embankment: 3,350,000 m³
Other embankments: 150,000 m³
Concrete: 380,000 m³
Reinforced concrete steel: 16,000 t
Cement: 95,800 t
Sheet piling: 1,500 t
Drilling and injections: 115,000 m
Bentonite curtain: 13,000 m²
Assembly of electromechanical parts: 8,000 t



Last update: 25/09/2014