Taabo Hidroelectric Power Plant on the Bandama River

Name of Project:
Taabo Hidroelectric Power Plant on the Bandama River

Ivory Coast

Bandama Valley Development District (A.V.B.) - Abidjan

Construction period:
1975 - 1978

The Taabo hydroelectric power plant is the second phase of the Bandama river development. It lies next to the village of the same name about 200 km from Abdijan and is about 100 km downstream from the Kossou project constructed by Impregilo between 1969 and 1973.

In this area the river is split into many branches which stretch for a total width of 5 km. Due to the width of the valley an extremely long dam had to be constructed. The main structure of the scheme is an earth and rockfill dam with clay core 8100 m long and 43 m high. The concrete spillway on the left bank, which has a crest level of 113 m above sea level, has five openings giving a maximum discharge capacity of 3,900 m3/sec through radial gates 11 x 11 m. 

A discharge channel links the spillway to the river bed downstream from the dam. The three intake structures are on the right bank and feed the three units by means of tunnels about 139 m long which have been excavated in the foundation rock under the dam.

The tunnels, with an inside diameter of 6.60 m are concrete lined for their full lengh and steel lined for the last two thirds. The powerhouse is located immediately downstream from the dam, in an excavation about 60 m deep and houses three 75MW units.

A tailrace channel, 40 m wide at its base, has been excavated for the discharge of waters from the powerhouse and joins the natural bed of the river some 5500 m downstream.


Required surface excavation: 5,300,000 m3
Total embankment volume: 8,900,000 m3
Total volume of concrete: 80,000 m3



Last update: 23/02/2015