Tokwe - Mukosi Dam

Name of Project:

Tokwe - Mukosi Dam


Ministry of Environment, Water & Climate Harare – Zimbabwe

Total value:
€ 200 million

Construction period:
2011 - 2017

The project involves the construction of a Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam (CFRD).

The intake structure comprises a 35 m tall tower with grilles which direct the water to a 6m diameter tunnel with a left bank 350m long, with a regulation tower and closing sluices. The release of the water into the river bed takes place through two 2m diameter pipes. There are two spillway overflows, on the left and right banks, with a 6m diameter drainage tunnel approximately 200m long. In the way of ancillary works there are plans for an 8 km access road and a stone and concrete cofferdam 20m tall and 133m long at the crown. The project is completed by 5 saddle dams on the right bank.

Main Dam Excavations: 1,390,505 m3
Saddle Dam Excavations:  663,300 m3
Main Dam Backfill: 2,927,624 m3
Saddle Dam Backfill: 1,120,000 m3
Concrete: 95,000 m3
Iron: 4,500 tons
Waterproofing layer: 8,542 m

Last update: 21/02/2018