Zouitina dam

Name of Project:

Zouitina dam


Ministry of Agriculture General Directorate of Major Projects

Construction period:
February 1995 - September 1998

The Zouitina reservoir is the key component of the Oued Barbara facility, the essential purpose of which is to collect and store surplus water from the Barbara river in the northwest area of Tunisia, near the Algerian frontier.
The waters is then redistributed for irrigation purposes and to supply drinking water to the country's northern regions, including the city of Tunis.
The main works called for in the contract are as follows:
An earth dam with a clay central core located on the Barbara River about 6 km southwest of Hammam Bourguiba.
The dam is 72 m high in the main portion and, along the crest, is 610 m long and 10 m wide.
A spillway on the left bank which is 230 m long and ends with a ski-jump dissipator, complete with a stilling basin.
A diversion tunnel on the left bank, 550 m long, with an excavation cross-section of 11.50 m² and an inside cross-section after concrete lining of 2.60 m x 3.14 m (circular dome).
The tunnel, complete with an intake structure and a control gate shaft that is 60 m high and has an excavation diameter of 7 m, will also be used as a bottom outlet.
Two inspection and drainage tunnels, one on the right bank and the other on the left bank, 230 m and 200 m long, respectively, with a cross-section of 2.50 m x 2.00 m (circular dome).
Drilling and grouting work to consolidate the foundations and shoulders of the dam.
Ancillary works and access roads.

Earth excavation: 490,000 m3
Rock excavation: 179,000 m3
Underground excavation: 14,000 m3
Embankments: 2,090,000 m3
Underground concrete: 9,000 m3
Surface concrete: 26,800 m3


Last update: 18/09/2013