Construction of Kampala northern by pass

Name of Project:

Construction of Kamapala northern by pass


Ministry of Finance & Planning

The Kamapala Northern By Pass is a road construction project financed by the EU: The works consists in the execution of 21 km of road, which includes 17.5km of single carriageway and 3.5km of dual carriageway between Hoima Road and Gayaza Road. The Kampala Northern By Pass is intended to partly relieve the current severe traffic congestion in the city of Kamapala and is also to serve as part of a wider programme to reduce the transportation constraints along the northern corridor route for both national and regional transport. The road work is preceded by consistent rockfill so as to guarantee stabilization in the swamp areas.
The project includes the construction of 9 bridges and one pedestrian foot bridge.

Soft excavation: 75,000 m3
Removal of unsuitable ground: 20,000 m3
Cut & borrow to fill: 1,085,000 m3
Swamp crossing: 140,000 m3
Gravel sub base: 85,000 m3
Crushed stone: 50,000 m3
Chemical stabilisation: 85,000 m3
Asphalt concrete: 244,000 m2


Last update: 18/09/2013