Dubai Ras al Khor crossing

Name of Project:

Dubai Ras al Khor crossing

United Arab Emirates

Roads & Transport Authority – Dubai, UAE

The project of the new Ras Al Khor Crossing 1 consisted of a motorway junction that, with three underpasses and 20 bridges, directly connects the residential area of Al Safa Road with Financial Centre Road. This has made heavy traffic to the central area smoother, and is a vital artery to the financial heart of Dubai.

The new interchange is capable of guaranteeing the flow of up to 16,000 vehicles per hour.

The area has also a significant tourist appeal, seeing that it has several of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the world as well as luxury shopping malls that are an international attraction. 

Concrete: 95,000 m3
Paving: 250,000 m2

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Last update: 05/06/2019