Dubai Ras al Khor crossing

Name of Project:

Dubai Ras al Khor crossing

United Arab Emirates

Roads & Transport Authority – Dubai, UAE

One of Dubai’s biggest challenges is the traffic; the project is one of the solutions to the chronic congestion currently faced by this city.
Ras al Khor Crossing replaces the Interchange n. 1, at the intersection of Highway Sheikh Zayed Road and Doha Street, allowing free traffic access in all directions.

Description of the works
Construction of new interchange:

  • 12 overpasses : 10.5 to 32.3m width; 30 to 60m span total length 3626 m
  • 3 underpasses (cut and cover)
Excavation: 350,000 m3
Electrical telecomm cables: 9,200 m
Concrete: 150,000 m3
Cableducts: 9,000
Asphalted roads: 250,000 m2
Pipes for drainage : 6,200 m
Pipes for water: 7,500 m
Pipes for sewerage: 2,500m

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Last update: 18/09/2013