New Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway

Name of Project:

New Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway


A.N.A.S. S.p.A.

Total value:
€537.897 million, share €274.3 million

Construction period:
2010 – 2014

The length of the motorway section is 10.4 km, from Scilla to Campo Calabro.

In addition to the minor engineering works, 4 natural tunnels (ranging in length from 280 m to 1,775 m), 1 artificial tunnel, 17 viaducts, 8 bridges and 4 junctions (Scilla, S. Trada, Villa S. Giovanni and Campo Calabro) are planned for each carriageway.
The municipal authorities affected by the motorway section are: Scilla, Villa San Giovanni, Campo Calabro and Reggio Calabria.
The following other activities are provided for under the contract:

  • demolition of motorway sections outside the new layout and restoration of slope vegetation;
  • acquisition of grounds (expropriation and elimination of interference);
  • works management and safety coordination;
  • executive planning.

General technical characteristics of the project:

  • Total section length   10.4 km
  • Typical motorway width   25.00 m (2 carriageways of 11.20 m + reservation of 2.60 m)
  • Total length of natural tunnels  7,275 m
  • Total length of artificial tunnels  155.56 m
  • Typical tunnel section   156.92 m²
  • Total length of bridges and viaducts 3,759.80 m
Volume recorded: 1,568,000 m³
Excavation volume (open): 2,652,900 m³
Excavation volume (underground): 1,173,900 m³
Concrete volume for castings in place: 513,700 m³
Concrete volume for castings in tunnels: 313,100 m³
Mould surface for castings in place: 509,300 m2
Steel reinforcement for castings in place: 74,500 tons
Supporting structures/electro-welded net: 13,800 tons
Gunite:  62,800 m³
Foundation piles < 800 mm: 30,000 m
Foundation piles > 800 mm: 77,000 m
Sheet piles: 5,000 m²
Base: 396,700 m³
Asphalt: 740,000 m²

Last update: 30/11/2018