Rosario-Victoria motorway bridge

Name of Project:

Rosario-Victoria motorway bridge


Ministry of the Economy – Temporary Commission for Works Inspection and Performance of the Concession Contract

Construction period:
September 1998 - April 2003

The project concerned the new 59.43 km road linking the towns of Rosario (Santa Fé Province) and Victoria (Entre Ríos Province), on the Paraná river, with a toll concession contract for the design, construction, management and maintenance of a high-speed tollroad with two dual-lane carriageway.

The road layout included the following main structures:

The main bridge
The bridge is a cable-stayed structure, 608m long, with a central 350 m span and two lateral spans of 129 m each. The navigable canal has a free horizontal width of 300 m and a free height of 50.30 m.
The bridge deck is a continuous structure consisting of two longitudinal 1.50 x 1.75 m beans and a 30 cm thick concrete slab, reinforced by cross beams every 5.20 m. After construction of the central and anchoring piers, work began on the deck from the central pier, with the assembly of 10.40 m long segments.
Each of the main piers is formed by two rectangular box framed shafts, tapering from a 6 x 2.75 m cross section at the base to 4 x 2.75 m at an elevation of 106.25 m; this cross-section is retained up to the top elevation of 133.25 m.
Each main pier is founded on 26 piles (2 m diameter) driven to a maximum depth of 60 m.

The east viaduct
The east viaduct provides access to the main bridge on the Victoria side, and is 2,368 m long. It consists of 39 spans, each 60 m long, and an initial span of 46 m. The viaduct pile foundations are 2 m diameter piles to a maximum depth of 52 m.

The west viaduct
This viaduct provides access from the Rosario side, and is 1,122 m long. It consists of 32 spans, each 35m long.

Minor bridges in the Islands area
The twelve bridges have a total length of 8,184 m and cross the various minor watercourses in the Paranà valley.

Road embankments
The road runs on 47.15 km of embankments. The transversal cross-section has a crest width of 15 m.

Concrete: 240,837 m3
Dredging work on primary and secondary canals: 17,900,000 m3
Embankments with dredged material: 28,000,000 m3
Other earthmoving works: 140,000 m3
Stayed cables: 740 tons
Steel anchors / Post tensioning cables: 3,221 tons
Road surfacing: 488,000 m2
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The Rosario-Victoria bridge in Argentina promotes trade inside the mercosur trade bloc

Last update: 30/11/2018