Tarsus - Adana - Gaziantep motorway

Name of Project:

Tarsus - Adana - Gaziantep motorway


General Directorate of Highways

Construction period:
June 1987 - December 2000

The "Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantep (TAG) Motorway" is one of Turkey’s biggest infrastructure projects ever. The contract concerned the design, construction and one-year maintenance of 258 km of motorway, together with 42.4 km of spur roads. The TAG Motorway is located in southern Anatolia, and is considered the most significant section of the Trans European Motorways network.

The motorway crosses the Nur and Amanos mountains, some of Turkey’s most complex geological formations. It was designed and constructed in accordance with leading-edge international standards and technology. It links the Middle East countries, the industrial and agricultural plains of Urfa and Harran in south-east Anatolia, and the ports of Mersin, Iskenderun and the Toros-Adana-Yumurtalik Free Zone.

Open-air excavation: 108,516,953 m3
Embankments: 81,353,548 m3
Concrete: 1,590,467 m3
Concrete for viaducts: 121,250 m3
Reinforcing steel for viaducts: 25,500 tons
Foundation piles and micro piles: 188,398 m
Underground excavation: 1,590,000 m3
Underground concrete: 190,000 m3


Last update: 18/09/2013