Copenhagen Cityringen Metro

Name of Project:

Copenhagen Cityringen Metro


Metroselskabet I/S

Total value:
€ 1.5 mld

Copenhagen has one of the most advanced and cohesive public transport systems in Europe. The Cityringen project forms a new circular line in the city centre and consists of two 17.4km tunnels and 17 new stations (two of which are transfer stations) all at 30 metres below ground level.

From a technical point of view the project was extremely complex, since the city is at sea level. Tunnel excavation is by TBM. A cut and cover service tunnel is also foreseen for the connection to the operation and maintenance centre.

The fully automated driverless metro system operates 24 hours a day, with a minimum frequency of 100 seconds, guaranteeing efficient mobility for 130 million metro passengers a year.

For Copenhagen this new metro line means a rapid, safe and environmentally sensible means of transportation.

The project involves the construction of 17 stations and 5 shafts, including civil and electro-mechanical works, together with a double tunnel, excavated using 4 TBMs (EPB) with a diametre of 5.80m. The excavation is mainly through calcareous rock with varying degrees of fracturing and, in some sections, loose soil predominately glacial in origin, of varying granulometry, and large boulders. The tunnel lining is built using prefabricated concrete blocks. The project includes 4 ventilation,extraction and TBM-assembly shafts, and 1 ramp connecting the maintenance and control centre, built using the cut and cover method. The stations and shafts are constructed bottom up, apart from Marmorkirken Station and the new Havnenholmen shaft .


Of extreme importance in building this metro was the capacity to be able to work within a populated urban centre, while drastically reducing any inconvenience for its residents and for circulation, and also eventual risks for the historical buildings near the works. Particularly challenging were the works concerning the station located near Frederiks Kirke (Marble Church or Marmorkirken), an 18th century church, and the fact that the tunnel passes under the 19th century historical site of the main Danish Department store chain, Magasin du Nord, at Kongens Nytorv.​

Total length: 17.4 km
Stations: 17
Tunnels: 15 km each (TBM EPB Ø 6 m)
Average depth: 30 m



Last update: 01/10/2019