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Salini Impregilo is a global player in the construction sector, specializing in the construction of major, complex infrastructure projects throughout the world with design, engineering and construction solutions. From 2013, it takes first place in the water sector of the Engineering News-Record rankings, the benchmark for the entire construction industry.

The Group boasts a history of solid experience in works that range from the construction of dams to hydroelectric plants, from motorways to railways, from metro systems to airports, from hospitals to industrial buildings.

Growth is our challenge

Dams, hydroelectric plants and all hydraulic engineering works have always been a distinctive feature and excellence of the Group, acknowledged as the worldwide leader, since 2013, in the construction of infrastructure projects belonging to the water segment.

Salini Impregilo has built 260 dams and hydroelectric plants in 5 different continents, with an installed capacity of more than 45,000 MW of low-cost clean energy, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of entire nations.

The Group is involved in the development of complex hydraulic engineering projects which include the Expansion of the Panama Canal, one of the most important engineering feats of the XXI century, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, which when finished will be Africa’s largest dam, as well as Lake Mead Intake, a system for collecting and transporting the waters of one of the largest artificial lakes of the Unites States.

Transport infrastructures play a key role in a country’s economic growth and social development. They are also one of the most promising and potent means for rapid industrialization, both for congested urban areas and remote regions.

Salini Impregilo has built over 64,195 km of roads and motorways and 590 km of bridges and viaducts across the globe.

The Group is currently involved in numerous projects of various sizes and complexity around the world. These include important infrastructures such as the Gerald Desmond Bridge in California, which is destined to improve the traffic flows in one of the most congested ports of the US. When completed, the new Gerald Desmond Bridge will be one of the tallest bridges of its kind in the United States and an icon for the City of Long Beach.

With a track record of 7,062 km of railways, 472 km of metro systems and 1,587 km of underground works, the Group has concretely contributed to the development of urban and extra-urban mobility, offering a valid alternative to traditional, private means of transport. Today, railway transport is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, and is an efficient and useful solution for easing traffic in megacities.

The Group is currently active in the construction of important metro systems and railway lines, which improve mobility in highly congested urban areas, such as the Red Line in Doha (Qatar), one of the largest infrastructure developments in the Middle East; Line 3 of Riyadh’s  new metro (Saudi Arabia) as well as Cityringen, Copenhagen’s new metro (Denmark).

Salini Impregilo, working in partnership with prestigious architects and designers, continues to cover an important role in the construction of innovative and iconic buildings worldwide.

The Group’s experience includes commercial and government buildings, buildings which play an important cultural role, hospital complexes and university campuses. Among its last works, there is the construction of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre in Athens, which was commissioned by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and designed by star architect Renzo Piano. The project opened to the public in June 2016. It has obtained a Platinum certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Moreover, Salini Impregilo has a consolidated experience both in construction and in modernization of airport infrastructures in Italy and abroad. It has built landing strips and taxiways, terminals, and control towers (“Leonardo da Vinci” international airport and “Milan Malpensa 2000” control tower), as well as large-scale hangars.


December 2017 Construction Backlog: € 27.3 mld


Last update: 19/06/2018