Dams, hydroelectric plants

Riachuelo river clean up project 03 900


Riachuelo environmental restoration system

The hydraulic tunnel is part of Argentina's biggest public works project to clean up the Riachuelo River, one of the most polluted in the world near the capital, Buenos Aires.


Koysha Hydroelectric Project

The new Koysha hydroelectric project, located in the southwest of the country, will be the fourth of a cascade of dams along the Omo River, after Gilgel Gibe I, Gilgel Gibe II and the Gibe III hydroelectric project.


Nenskra Hydroelectric Project

The Nenskra hydroelectric project (greenfield) will have an installed power equal to 280MW and will guarantee the energy supply needed during the winter season while maximising the export capacity during the summer season.
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Last update: 03/06/2019