Gurara Water Transfer to Federal Capital Territory Lot A

Name of Project:

Gurara Water Transfer to Federal Capital Territory Lot A


Federal Ministry of Water Resources Abuja

Total value:
€ 622 million

Start of works:
February 2001

The project involves civil and ancillary works for the construction of the Gurara Dam, 52.5 m high and 3 km long at the crest with a reservoir of approximately 880 million m³ of water. Mixed construction in loose materials and rockfill with a clay core and filters. Spillway excavated in granite rock and partly coated in concrete.

The works include 1.16 km supply tunnel, intake tower, drainage tunnel and include mechanical and metalwork. The electric power station will have an installed capacity of 3 x 10 MW.
The following works will be an integral part of the project:

  • 110 km of 132 kV high-tension electrical lines;
  • Access roads for a total of approximately 50 km;
  • Pilot irrigation system: Approximately 200 hectares of irrigated areas.
Abuja water supply: 14m3/s with 75 km of piping
Concrete: 126,000 m3
Water flow regulated by the dam: 36 m3/s (power station and pumping stations for irrigation);
Rock excavations: 2,400,000 m3
Measured dam volume: 9,000,000 m3


Last update: 18/09/2013