Capital Repair of M03 Kiev–Kharkiv–Dovzhanskyy Road

Name of Project:

Capital Repair of M03 Kiev–Kharkiv–Dovzhanskyy Road


The State Road Service of Ukraine “Ukravtodor”

Total value:
€216 million

Start of works:
April 2013

Expected duration:
18 months

The project is located within the region of Poltava, approximately 200 km east of Kiev.

The road is 84.3 km long. It is divided into 6 lots, and is part of the major road that cuts horizontally through the Ukraine. The project is part of a larger project for the development of the Pan-European corridors, and aims at optimising the traffic's flow and at improving connections and safety measures.

Works involve the extension and modernisation of the existing road. The main axis will now include 2 carriageways, instead of just 1. The main platform includes two lanes for each direction measuring 3.75 m + 1.75 m (shoulder).  

The project will significantly improve the road’s layout structure, and will therefore be in line with more modern safety standards. It will comply with the expected Service Level. From an altimetric point of view, the steady gradients were uniformed to reduce the excessive road gradient. A great quantity of earth was moved for this purpose, also to build the numerous large cuttings and embankments. From a planimetric point of view, variants will eliminate reduced bending radiuses, and will avoid passing through urban complexes.

Excavation: 5,000,000 m3
Earth moving: 2,700,000 m3
Concrete mix: 284,000 m3
Cold Recycling: 201,400 m3
Asphalt: 1,100,000 tons
Guard rail: 174,000 m
Underpasses: 5
Overpasses: 1

Last update: 24/05/2016