Brenner Base Tunnel – “Tulfes – Pfons” Section

Name of Project:
Brenner Base Tunnel – “Tulfes – Pfons” Section



Type of contract:
Completion of Works – Unit Prices

Total value:
€ 435.6 million – € 217,8 million share

The Brenner Base Tunnel is the main segment of a new railway line that will connect Munich with Verona, an avant-garde construction project destined to improve transportation through the heart of Europe.

The “Tulfes – Pfons” section is located at Innsbruck, in the northern segment of the tunnel, and consists mainly of excavating 38 km of tunnel, out of a total planned distance of 55 km.
The project includes underground civil works for a segment of the exploratory tunnel, the rescue tunnel for the Innsbruck bypass and two interconnecting tunnels.

Once completed, the Brenner Base Tunnel will be the longest underground rail connection in the world.

Main technical data:

Tulfes rescue tunnel L = 9,132 m excavated with the traditional method 

East Interconnection L = 2,150 m and the West Interconnection L = 3,783 m excavated with the traditional method between the future tunnel and the existing Innsbruck railway tunnel 
Extension of the East and West sections of the main Ahrental – North tunnel, which has already been excavated (tot L = 1,798 excavated with the traditional method)
Extension of the Ahrental exploratory tunnel for a total length of 15,077 m, excavated with 7.90 m TBM diameter

Last update: 04/02/2019