Chaguaramas-Las Mercedes-Cabruta railway line

Name of Project:

Chaguaramas-Las Mercedes-Cabruta railway line


I.A.F.E. - “Instituto Autónomo de Ferrocarriles del Estado” - Ministry of Infrastructure

Total value:
€1.068 million, share €356 million

Start of works:
November 2006

Expected duration:
77 months

The Chaguaramas-Las Mercedes-Cabruta railway line, which is 201 km long, is part of a more extensive modal transport network for goods and passengers which will promote the social and economic development of the country, especially the southern regions.
The project involves the definitive design plan; the construction of the civil works (tunnels, viaducts, bridges, terrepleins, and various minor and drainage works); stations, exchange stations, buildings, laboratories and sheds; and the installation of the railway line.

The new section starts from the town of Chaguaramas, passes through the area of La Mercedes and Santa Rita before reaching the town of Cabruta. In order to satisfy the passenger and goods requirements, there are plans to construct intermediate stations at Chaguaramas, Las Mercedes, Mejo, Santa Rita, Arrecife and Cabruta, as well as the terminal station of Cabruta.

The new twin-rail section complies with international standards, with the international gauge of 1.435 m and maximum gradient of 1.8%.

Concrete: 111.000 m³
Embankment: 22.000.000 m³
Excavation: 39.000.000 m³



Last update: 18/09/2013