Salini Impregilo Worldwide

Our  group has been designing the future from the early 20th century.
Our history spans the world through the realization of projects that symbolize the growth of entire nations.
1,017 completed projects in Europe, 412 in Africa, 222 in North America, 213 in South America, 54 in the Middle East and 66 in Asia and Oceania make up a total of about 2,000 projects that have improved the lives of millions of people.

Dams and hydroelectric plants, highways, roads and bridges, railways and metros, airports, canals, civil and industrial construction:  today, Salini Impregilo operates in 50 countries, employs 35,000 people of 100 different nationalities, has a turnover of more than 6 billion euros and is a world leader in the water segment.
Explore the map to discover our works from the early 20th century up to the present.